Be not afraid of conflict

Ignore your competitors

Make habits with commitment contracts

Be here now

Communicate the high-order bit

Ask “Why?” recursively

Do not expect perfection

Study using “The Soup Can Method”

Become a psychology master

Never try to impress

Fuck what other people think

Teach by demonstration

It is never too late to put your day on track

Listen carefully

Guard your reputation

Hire a psychotherapist

Be very confident

Be scarce

Mistakes are messengers

Speak vaguely

You are important, whether or not people see it

Always be ready to cut people off permanently

Offer others limited options

Great leaders care about their organization and their workers

See things as they truly are, not how you wish they were

Build your mental map carefully

Evaluate people as electrochemical organisms

Insist on evidence

Give other people the last word

The only requirement to success is really wanting it

Your dream life is what makes you cry

Do not judge people by how they look

You can improve your life

Take baby steps


To empty your mind, do brain dumps

Capture all thoughts

Develop a mind like water

Replace “I must” with “I want”

Don’t let kids watch TV

Be thyself

Find thyself

Life doesn’t owe you anything

You don’t owe anyone anything

Give yourself permission to be human

Create an illusion

Do the hard thing

Do the right thing

Get outside your comfort zone

Don’t think with your emotions

Think practically, rationally, realistically, and logically

Find lessons in every situation

Success requires mental health

Accept the power of choice

Drugs are lame

Voodoo is dangerous

Thoughts create emotions

Don’t take life too seriously

You are not responsible for other people’s reactions

Most reactions are a choice

Any meaning you ascribe to an event is your choice

Events have no intrinsic meaning

It’s never too late

Communication breeds conflict

Do not complain

Create a tribe

Forget “should”

You are not a mind reader

Money makes it easier to be happy

Acknowledge and accept ambiguity

Seek doers; avoid pretenders

Live in balance

In the first 90 days, relationships are set in stone

Meditate daily

Descriptions are better than labels

You aren’t your thoughts

Real growth is boring

Be minimal