Be not afraid of conflict

Ignore your competitors

The best deals are the ones you don’t take

Start as soon as possible

Curate a large rolodex

Communicate the high-order bit

Ask “Why?” recursively

Do not expect perfection

Never, ever quit

Don’t do favors

Become a finance master

Become a law master

Master writing

Become a psychology master

Become a sales master

Work six days a week

Fuck what other people think

Put the right people in the right seats

Listen carefully

Guard your reputation

Hire experts, and then listen to them

Be very confident

Live a six sigma life

Be scarce

Mistakes are messengers

Speak vaguely

Get rid of undesirable people early

Great leaders care about their organization and their workers

Build your mental map carefully

Insist on evidence

Give other people the last word

Your dream life is what makes you cry

Invest like a queen bee

Take baby steps

Evaluate yourself on improvement, not achievement

Leverage time

Do not deviate from your specialty

Become a specialist

Vote for who you believe in

Be thyself

Find thyself

Help others achieve their goals

You don’t owe anyone anything

Hire carefully

Create an illusion

If you’re not sure, say so

Think big

Do the hard thing

Do the right thing

Write handwritten notes

Get outside your comfort zone

Stretch, but don’t snap

Shoot frequent layups, not the occasional 3-pointer

If a situation is deteriorating, withdraw immediately

Success requires mental health

Talk less

Don’t give second or third chances

Make decisions on paper

Create clearly defined outcomes

Communication breeds conflict

Create a tribe

Reject the subpar

In the first 90 days, relationships are set in stone

Accept the difference between good and great

Appeal to a noble cause

Quality begets quality

Go stealth