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“Publish Maxims Daily” on Jerzy J. Gangi’s Beeminder

Because: Make habits with commitment contracts and Success is a habit.

Beeeminder is the best commitment contract service. Created by Daniel Reeves and Bethany Soule, it lets you create and track commitment contracts through a private web portal, iPhone, or Android app. Every day, you must enter progress towards your contract, or you will “derail.” Derailment rises in cost exponentially from $5 for a first-time offense, to $10, to $30, to $90, to $270, to $810, to $2430, and beyond. The founders act as your sponsor, judging if a derailment has genuinely occurred. Furthermore, Beeminder integrates with many popular products, including Gmail for emptying your inbox daily, Runkeeper for tracking exercise, Withings scales for losing weight, Github for committing code, and Duolingo for learning a foreign language. Maxims recommends the $10/month “Plan Bee,” which offers unlimited goals and advanced tracking features.


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