Take baby steps

Everything big — Rome, America, Ford Motors, and Walmart — was built by taking baby steps. If you want to accomplish something big, you can take baby steps, too.

Simply take the absolute smallest next baby step towards your goal. Focus on it entirely. When complete, take the next baby step. But avoid looking five, ten, or twenty baby steps down the road: shifting your attention there will cause impatience, procrastination, anxiety, and depression.

What is a baby step? A baby step is very small — so small, that to divide it any smaller would be impossible. A baby step in writing a novel could be, “Open the pantry door,” to get a tea bag for your tea, to sip on while you write.

Baby steps always work, because taking the next baby step is always in your control. No matter how negative or dire your circumstance, you can always take a baby step and improve it.