Put the right people in the right seats

“Before I became a CEO, I had almost 25 years [experience] advising CEO’s… And in order to succeed, every one of them had to have the right people in the right seats. [If you do not, the competitor will] always uncover your weakness and you fail.” — Henry Paulson

There is a difference between a great person and a person who is a great fit for a job. For example: a hard-working teenager who excels at quick, $5 car washes might be incompetent on $150 auto detailing jobs; or: a kind, gentle man who is horrible at managing software projects might perform excellently when demoted to programming. Your objective, as a leader, is to separate the great fits from the great people.

Out of seven billion people worldwide, there is a best candidate for a position — do everything possible to find and hire that person. If someone else currently holds the position, and he is not the best candidate, relocate him to a position where he is the best candidate; if you have no such position, fire him.