Push yourself

Go as hard as you possibly can. Throw away all of the excuses. Do what you think you cannot do. When you think you cannot do more, do more. Go so hard that you cannot figure out how to go any harder… and then go even harder. Demand excellence from yourself; force yourself to be excellent. Make yourself uncomfortable. Make yourself throw up. Make yourself fall over. Make yourself exhausted. Make yourself hurt. Make yourself cry. And when you do not feel you can push any more, that is when you push the hardest.

Lazy people never become successful because they do not push themselves; the reason fat people are fat is because they do not push themselves to eat right or break a sweat. Staying at home, sleeping, watching TV, playing video games, masturbating, smoking, browsing the internet, and ordering takeout is the opposite of pushing yourself.

Every successful man in the history of the world has pushed himself. Will you join the ranks?