Ignore your competitors

The same month that Mark Zuckerberg started coding Facebook, social media competitor Friendster raised $10 million of venture capital from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers at a $53 million valuation. Friendster had three million users, a dozen employees, and both metrics were climbing rapidly. Many in Silicon Valley considered it impossible to take on Friendster. But Zuckerberg didn’t care one bit. He had his own vision of the future, and so he started coding his own social networking website. The rest is history.

Your competitors, however hot, never determine your destiny — you do. A competitor’s success never precludes your own. If you have a winning strategy, there is nothing a competitor can do to stop you. Therefore, what your competitors are doing does not matter. Ignore them. Just make sure you have the best vision for the future, and execute it.