Hire a psychotherapist

“One of the first things I learned after beginning to practice psychotherapy was that everyone… at one time or another… could do with a little therapy.” — Dr. Thomas Moore

Do you carry unresolved sadness from a past relationship? Are you frustrated with your career? Do you sometimes get so angry that you just explode? Are you addicted to a drug? Are you afraid of airplanes? Many people unconsciously drag around such mental baggage for years, hampering their success and happiness without knowing it. Chances are, there is something you are dragging around, too.

Specialist doctors, called psychotherapists, attend medical school and residency. They use peer-reviewed science to help millions of people like yourself overcome obstacles — however minute.

Success requires total mental health; seeing a therapist is the fastest, most reliable way to become mentally healthy. Therefore, hire a licensed, PhD psychotherapist. An excellent therapist will practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and possess university affiliation. If you do not like the first therapist you hire, quit and find one you do like. Avoid counselors, group therapy, and new age methods like hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).