Evaluate people as electrochemical organisms

“What you are… is approximately 100 trillion little cellular robots. That’s what we’re made of: no other ingredients at all. Not a single one of those cells is conscious. Not a single one of those cells knows who you are or cares.” — Dan Dennett

All evidence indicates that the human brain is an ongoing chemical and electrical reaction — just like the reactions you study in high school chemistry, but 100,000,000,000,000 times more complex. Your consciousness, your soul, your spirit, your self-concept, your emotions, and your thoughts are nothing more than the product of this electrochemical reaction.

Take, for example, “me.” There is no “me:” there is only an electrochemical reaction that your brain presents as “me.” “Me” is an illusion, like a window on your PC. There is not really a window inside your monitor; there are just pixels in the shape of a rectangle to give that impression.

Evaluate your mind, and other’s minds, as electrochemical machines: a system of inputs, reactions, and outputs. When you look at life through this lens, you can step back and see a much more accurate map of reality; you can predict, control, change, and respond to people more effectively.