Do not judge people by how they look

“…[A] new Cornell study…has found that unattractive defendants tend to get hit with…harsher sentences — on average 22 months longer in prison.” — When Emotionality Trumps Reason: Behavioral Sciences and the Law

In TV and movies, what you look like on the outside is who you are on the inside: the good looking people are heroes, the ugly people are villains, and the scrawny guy with glasses is a socially inept engineer.

But in real life, judging people based on looks is illogical: there is no evidence of causality between looks and one’s mind. Some people are born tall, short, with bad eyesight, a quizzical scowl, or a wide-eyed hopefulness. It means almost nothing. A man is his mind, and you cannot assess a mind based on looks.

If you truly want to know a man, close your eyes. Talk to him, his family, and his friends; take note of his actions and choices; probe his beliefs, his values, and his dreams.