Capture all thoughts

In 1956, Dr. George A. Miller discovered the human brain could only hold 5-9 items in working memory. Beyond those few items, the brain was terrible at retrieving specific thoughts when you needed them. This is why thoughts about what you need at the grocery store pop up when you are driving home from the grocery store.

However, there is one exception. When a thought is written down in a trusted place, the brain can rest assured that the thought is safe. It will not occur again.

Write down any and all thoughts you have, as soon as you have them, all day, every day. Examples include: a topic you want to research; a goal you have; a call you forgot to make; an idea for a word, phrase, or sentence to use in a report you are writing. Put these captured thoughts in your inbox to be processed.

This maxim was used to write Maxims. Many concepts herein started out as raw thoughts, were captured onto scratch pads, and placed in the inbox.