Become a psychology master

In today‚Äôs world, there are certain, mandatory skills every man must possess to be successful. One such skill is applied psychology. People are everywhere, and without total mastery of the human brain — yours and others’ — you are at a severe disadvantage.

Your brain is a computer. Your neurons are the hardware, and your psychology is the software. You become a computer master to take control of computer systems; you become a psychology master to take control of biological systems. When you write software, you manipulate computer hardware to create a desired outcome; when you create thoughts, you manipulate the body to create a desired outcome. A virus can cause a computer crash; a psychological illness can cause a breakdown. When you fix a computer bug, the computer runs more smoothly; when you fix a psychological bug, a life runs more smoothly.

The reason to become a computer master and the reason to become a psychology master are the same: to control the complex systems that facilitate human life. If you wish to control your life’s outcome, you must first control the system on which it runs.