Be not afraid of conflict

Conflict and confrontation is a normal, healthy element of interpersonal communication; when necessary, it is not inherently bad. Therefore, if your gut says something is amiss, and the circumstances are strategically advantageous, assert yourself by initiating or responding to confrontation.

In select situations, warranted conflict and confrontation is necessary to make progress. It’s how you break down walls. It’s how you take a project to the next level. It’s how you push roadblocks out of the way. It’s how you hold people accountable. It’s how you eliminate misunderstandings. It’s how you rebuild rapport. It’s how you get what you want. People who avoid conflict because they lack confidence and emotional maturity will never progress past a certain point.

If you are afraid of conflict, ask yourself: why are you avoiding conflict? Are you afraid to piss people off? Are you afraid of enemies? Are you afraid of being the bad guy? Are you afraid that people will not like you? Or they will laugh at you? Or team up against you? Confronting and initiating warranted conflict is normal; it does not make you a bad person. At the end of the day, you can run, you can hide, but mandatory battles will be waged whether or not you attend.