Barrel on through

One week before opening night, a Broadway director addressed his cast and said:

“We’re going to run the whole show tonight, from start to finish. A lot of things will be going wrong. Lights will be late turning on. Parts of your costume might be missing. A piece of scenery may hit you as it’s pushed on stage. The orchestra will probably play your song too fast or too slow. But — despite all of this — ¬†I want you to barrel on through. No matter what happens, just keep going. Don’t stop.”

If you have problems in life, barrel on through. If you miss a credit card payment, barrel on through. If your car breaks down, barrel on through. If you have a big fight with your partner, barrel on through. Winners fall down and get right back up. Losers sit down, cry about the cut on their knee, and go on disability for six months.

The cameras are always rolling. If you want your life to be an amazing movie, you can’t “take five” every time a piece of scenery hits you.