Accept the difference between good and great

Great programmers are 100x better than good programmers.   – Steve Jobs

4% of fighter pilots account for 40% of the kills.   – US Air Force

This is not hyperbole — it’s a real phenomenon: the great run circles around the good. Accept it, and plan your life accordingly. Put yourself in situations that attract great people. Avoid situations that, by definition, only attract good people. If you have good people in your life, replace them with great people as quickly as possible. Great people make great decisions, write great code, and contribute great ideas. Comparatively, good people drain resources and waste time.

Note, however, that this maxim is not limited to people. Great artwork is miles beyond good artwork. A great piece of software far surpasses a good piece of software. A great city is quite better than a good city. Whether it’s people, places, or things, the same rules apply: accept the awesome difference between the good and the great, and choose a life surrounded by greatness.